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The Start of Something New

Hello to all my readers out there.

Last year I walked half of the Danish Camino Pilgrim Route and something that I noticed, apart from hip pain, was how my adventures inspired people. Especially during lockdowns, which is when I chose to lockdown outside in the forest rather than in my home (Yeah right, like my family would allow that!).

As my adventures on the Danish trails picked up, I received requests from friends asking if they could join me. I created a notice on my Facebook page to tell people where I would be hiking and when. They were welcomed to join me as much as they like as often as they liked. It was a really nice experience to have people along for the adventures and it got me thinking, maybe I should do something about this. Plus my friends were saying stuff like "You should totally set up some hikes and sell tickets." After a while, their advice sunk in.

So yesterday, Sunday 11th April 2021, I officially took my first guided hike, for real, not just with friends. The weather was diabolical but turned out to be rather fun. I rarely turn my back on getting out in nature, so rain and snow won't stop me, it didn't stop this crew either.

We met at Hvalsø train station in the town of Kirke Hvalsø in Denmark. After getting through the town and suburbs we came to my favourite forest on Sjælland, Bidstrup Forest. This forest looks, smells and feels good to be in all year round. I camp in it during the Spring and Summer, I walk in it during winter and I pick mushrooms in it during Autumn. On this day it had a little Christmas feel to it with the lashing of morning snow we received.

The hike itself crosses fields, wooden steps, shelters, wooden walkways, country paths and lakes, it is generally an all-around awesome few hours of stretching your legs. The forest has some hilly sections which is a nice treat for us in Denmark, especially on Sjælland because it is pretty flat. Everyone kept a good sense of humour up and after 8km we took a break at a shelter location where we could get a warm drink in our tummies and recharge our batteries with sugar snacks and sandwiches.

The last 5km was a slippery slide ride along the forest paths of Bidstrup and back out into the suburbs of Hvalsø before returning to the train station to say Good-Bye.

I was so proud of the group for braving the weather. As they say here in Denmark "There is no bad weather, just bad clothes." and the hike definitely proved that no matter what the weather you can still have a good time and make memories and possibly a few new friends.

If you would like to join an adventure with me and make some new friends, some golden memories and potentially a thirst for more adventures, you can find all the available trips here.

Until the next blog post, take care, stay safe and respect nature.


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