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The most important items to pack for a hike.

Whether you are stepping out for a day hike or taking on a big through-hike, you will always need to address the question of "What should I pack?".

Watch this episode of 'Tarp Life', that my trusted hiking buddy and I made, to help you understand what we consider are the most important items to remember to pack for both a day hike and a through-hike. WHAT 3 THINGS would we pack in our rucksacks?

Certainly, the most important thing to remember when hiking, is that you need to stay hydrated and fed to ensure you have the energy to see the hike through. If you cut yourself short of these items you may find you have a headache by the evening, no one wants that when you have to sleep outdoors all night.


When I plan a big hike there are some steps I take to ensure it will be successful. After a few years of repeatedly planning and packing, sometimes forgetting and regretting, I now have a good understanding of what is required to ensure you have a good time on your trip. From checking maps to plan the right route, to knowing what to pack, I have created a hiking planner to make sure you never forget an essential item again. I created this planner to cover both a day hike and a through-hike. Not only will it help you plan and pack but there is also a page to write your review of the hike and all the results like your final distance count and how long it took etc. I also included a page of tips & tricks, apps that I use, ways I plan and more.

Grab your copy of the Ultimate Hiking Planner & Journal.

Let me know in the comments below what item you can't live without on a hike? Mine is most definitely my hammock!

Thanks for reading and happy adventuring.


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