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Photography trends in 2020


Authenticity is the real key here, but how do you really achieve it? People are tired of models posing with their gorgeous never to be had without a trainer figure and also the overindulgence of fake news. Keep it simple, keep it real! 

Using a product in a natural everyday life scenario is way more fulfilling to the viewer. They connect with the life that the person lives through the action of using the product. Pets licking yoghurt from the top of the carton, standing at a viewpoint with your favourite backpack on, drinking from an environmentally friendly metal drink flask, all these things are easy to demonstrate because they are real life.


That is the response you want to hear when you post your image taken from ground level with a puddle reflection of your recent city trip. How many times a day do you scroll through images but then stop at the ones that make you look a little harder to figure out what is happening in the shot, or that it is taken from a new interesting perspective.

Experiment like crazy, find places where the crowds aren’t standing, change your perspective, move around and basically have lots of fun.


More and more people are living the city life, caught up in the hustle and bustle, often surrounded on a daily basis by concrete and tarmac. A place for us to escape and see the world through other peoples eyes are via our phones. Travel, wildlife, conservation, adventure and landscape photographers are bringing all those earthy and natural sceneries to our screens. Often to raise awareness but also to show the beauty of our planet.

Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors in when creating indoor visuals. Flowers, petals, branches, pebbles, sand, earth, all make great additions to a product image. 


Never before have people started to wake up to the science that backs up our global temperature rise. 2020 will not be slowing down on this topic and if anything it will be ramping it up. So if you create visuals for products that support the environment, make sure you are telling your customers about it. Post images of climate crisis’ and how your product helps to relieve the stress on the planet.

If you support charities or go on ‘Clean Up’ events, make sure you tell the story in TikTok, Instagram stories, Facebook Stories, write a blog post, voice it on LinkedIn. Get social with your environmental work and your how that can relate to your business or product.


It did not kill your chance to shine online though. Video has been rated more important than images for the last couple of years and it isn’t slowing down. Technology is becoming so amazing even in our not so tiny phones, we hold the key to creating videos that can entice our audiences to hang around a little longer and drink in some of your business savy goodness.

So don’t always think you need to post a picture, sometimes it is good for us to see your product or hear about your services via a short video. One tip though, buy a gimbal if you really want to go pro with this. Mobile phone gimbals are not that expensive but can make your video skills a lot more professional for smoother end results.


With the rise of quality mirrorless cameras and increasingly better mobile phone cameras, the days of heavy DSLR’s is soon on the horizon. Do not grieve the loss of these cameras, simply learn to embrace the modern era. Mirrorless cameras and mobile phones mean you can go further and be less tired. The weight difference offers you the opportunity to explore and not feel weighed down with your camera. 

Travel, wildlife and adventure photographers are ditching the heavy brothers to welcome their lighter siblings in their drones. So never feel like you are settling for second best when you whip out your mobile to take a nice picture to remember the scene and then get back to enjoying the feeling of being there.

I hope you found this insightful and can maybe implement some of these tips into your business, social media or everyday photography.

Thank you for reading.


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