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One Planet, One Life - Danish Trail Running

Updated: May 18, 2021

After writing a 'Model Call' post on Facebook, I was lucky enough to be contacted by my next athlete and lover of nature, Jonas Alban. Jonas is an avid runner and you can certainly see he has been doing it for some time. His ability to move across the uneven terrain or manoeuvre round corners was something of elegance and power combined.

The photo shoot date was set and the location chosen was a forest that Jonas likes to train in on a regular basis, Bidstrup Forest in Kirke Hvalsø, Denmark. As we take a look through the images we produced that sunny morning in the forest, I will share with you the answers Jonas gave me when I asked him to tell me about himself and what nature means to him.

What sport/activities do you enjoy?

I really enjoy trail and long distance running, and its enjoyed even more along with my running buddies. I also do Crossfit in my local box CrossGym Bjæverskov, training outdoors most of the year enjoying the elements of every season. For the recent years i have been active in OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). During my work, which at times brings me places all over the world, i ALWAYS have my running gear with me.

What is it about your sport/activities that you enjoy the most?

The atmosphere to be active in good company, pacing yourself to the limits of yourself, and going on just a bit more, makes me feel fantastic.

How many times a week do you take part in your sport/activities?


Do you belong to any groups or clubs?

Crossgym Bjæverskov (Local Crossfit box, i am also one of the coaches)

Trailrunners Bjæverskov (Local Trail Running Club, been part of starting it up)

Do you take part in any events linked to your sport or activities?


Pumaens Trappetons (Stairsrunning in inner copenhagen every Wednesday)

Evolution Race (OCR)

Nordic Race (OCR)

ApstacleRace.dk (OCR)

Salomon Hammer Trail Winter Edition HammerTrail.dk (Long distance Trail running @ Bornholm (50Miles in January)

Ultracup.dk (Long Distance Trail Running Cup(60K)

4 Kløver Ultra Trail fut5050.dk (Long distance Trail Running (50Miles)

What impact does the environment you train in have on you?

Big impact! After a stressful workday in the office, then a stop by the local forest on the way home, doing a run, really makes me relax, calm down and really BREATHE. When being a coach for my Crossfit team, having the team at our outdoor facilities, seeing all the happy, yet sweaty faces, brings joy to me, in hot, cold or rain.

It was a pleasure to photograph Jonas in the Danish forest and sharing in our appreciation of nature. I wish him luck in future competitions and am sure he will be a competitive and ambitious contender to the end.

Take care of not only nature, but yourself. Teach people not to litter these beautiful trails that we all enjoy during various seasons of the year.

Thank you for reading and following along with this project.


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