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Content Planning Game

Hello 2020! Who is psyched for this new decade? It is ok to not be psyched too, maybe you have some bad luck going on right now and that is normal, life is a rollercoaster and sometimes you just have to scream and be a little bit scared whilst riding the white knuckle parts.

This year I have an exciting new membership project in the pipeline and it will be released on 1st February 2020 and like all launches, it has required some strategic planning. Now, let's get this straight, I'm a creator and the last thing I like to do is sit down and plan, crunch numbers or do anything at my desk that isn't Photoshop related. I used to post SoMe content on the fly depending on what I was doing at the time, always scrapping through marketing offers I had within my business to pull in more sales and generally having zero structure. Then last year, after being tired of low traction on my posts or offers I decided to kick my butt into shape and start planning. I opened Photoshop and drafted a basic monthly planner, printed 2 copies and started planning for the next 2 months any SoMe content, travel, goals, deadlines and personal activities. Planning my time really helped me to get a good overview without feeling overwhelmed. Now I write 3-5 goals I want to achieve for the month, break them down into biteable tasks and stick them in the planner to keep my steps moving forward instead of feeling like I'm standing still or in some cases, going backwards!

To celebrate my upcoming tutorial membership I want to give all my readers a copy of my monthly planner, completely free. If you are already amazingly organised then I take my hat off to you, it has been something I needed to learn and am still learning.

I will be talking about how I use the planner in a Facebook live chat tomorrow (15th January), if you would like to hear why I structured it the way I did then join me on Lloyd-Vest Tutorials page, I would love to see you there and hear your feedback.

Have a great Tuesday.





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