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One Planet, One Life - Copenhagen Cemetery Bliss

Updated: May 18, 2021

To kick off the 'One Planet, One Life' project I started with my good friend Dominika Szábo. She is a very focused and competitive woman, strong in mind, body and kindness.

Working full time and a mother to 3 children, she finds the smallest snippets of time to dedicate to staying fit, a passion that she has had since her teenage years.

The idea for the shoot was simple, I wanted to photograph her running in her local park that she regularly trains in. We picked a morning and boom there we were standing in Assistens Kirkegård in Nørrebro, Copenhagen at sunrise ready to start the shoot. The weather was perfect, a slight chill to the spring air with crisp morning sunlight to make some epic long shadows.

We spent an hour touring around the park and finding the perfect angles of light to shadow ratio. I love a good backlight so I shot most of the images using that crisp sunlight to stream through and dominate the picture. Our mood was high and the energy was great as she bounded along the paths of the cemetery like a gazelle in the grasslands.

The whole purpose of 'One Planet, One Life' is to address the importance of how much we benefit from nature, whether we live in an urban surrounding or one in the country, we can never escape nature and its magical healing properties for the soul. Everyone can agree that we feel more uplifted when the sun is shinning or if we take a stroll in the forest. Nature has an invisible power that works like a blanket of love on our bodies without us even thinking about it.

So if nature plays such a beneficial part in our life, I think the least we can do is live with it in our minds on a daily basis. Protecting nature and just being a responsible respectable person we can mould a future where humans thrive alongside nature, rather than feeling like we battle it.

One Planet is all we have and we only get one life on it.

Although Dominika lives in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and a highly developed city, she still enjoys the parks where the trees grow, the grass smells good, the flowers bloom and the sunlight peeps through the leaves. I asked her to answer a few questions so we can get to know her more.

What sports/activities do you enjoy?

Running, fitness, swimming and different ball games.

What is it about your sports/activities that you enjoy the most?​

The feeling of freedom it gives, time to slip away from the everyday noise. The power and energy it fills you with once the workout is completed.

How many times a week do you take part in your sport/activity?

7 days a week.

Do you belong to any groups or clubs?

Not currently.

Do you take part in any events linked to your sport/activity?

Yes, Copenhagen half marathon.

What impact does the environment you train in, have on you?

I do my running in the most beautiful graveyard. That place just fills my soul and makes me smile even after a 15K run.

Good luck to Dominika in the Copenhagen Half Marathon and thank you for being part of 'One Planet, One Life'.

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