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A New Years Family Solace in Sweden

Updated: May 18, 2021

To celebrate the arrival of 2019, we decided to leave our home in Denmark and head north to Sweden. For us, it is very easy access over the toll bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo, or if you prefer an alternative route you can take the ferry from Helsingør (Denmark) to Helsinborg (Sweden). We like simple, so we drove over the bridge, which is entertainment in itself, especially for our 2 sons who think it’s amazing that we drive under the water then up onto the bridge. It’s quite an impressive drive with great views across the sea (Øresund).

Swedish cabin in Mellerud.

We booked very late. Literally just before Christmas Day. A quick decision from us, as we were holding out on what we should do for something different this year. So we decided to pack the kids sleighs and see if we could find solace and snow. I can tell you, we found solace, the cabins location was perfect for that. Snow on the other hand was very disappointing but did give us a slight dusting on the second night. Not enough to sleigh and too frozen for snowballs or snowmen. So we did the only thing available, a walk to the frozen lake which was only 300 meters from our cabin. In fact, walking was pretty much the only thing to do, luckily Sweden is full of beautiful nature and striking winter sunshine as well as moody misty scenery. The forests always amaze me, it’s like they never end. Trees as far as the eye can see, that is how I sum Sweden up. Tall lofty pines and smooth dark rocks set you up for rugged wild walks and amazing scenery. Just driving through this country is pleasurable enough, let alone stepping onto a hiking path and seeing where it leads you.

The cabin itself was huge and plenty of room for 4, it could actually accommodate 8 people. Although large, it was very cosy with a log burner that heated the whole cabin, candles, soft lighting and comfortable beds.

New Years day morning we visited the local town of Håverud, which houses the countries only aqueduct system that allows, cars, trains and boats to pass at the same point. It’s quite an amazing mixture of engineering and natural scenery all converging in one spot. Our children can be tough to please, typical boys always on the go but never wanting to go where we want. However, they were blown away by the scene before them when we stepped out the car. They stood in awe of the aqueduct and amazed at how close they could come to all the working parts and really get an understanding of how it works. The surrounding beauty of typical Swedish homes sitting in the golden morning sunshine at the edge of a deep blue lake, were absolute pleasure to our eyes. It was however a tiring walk to get from the top layer to the bottom and then back up again, which meant we called ‘lunch break’ early and drove back to our cabin for food and to recoup some energy before embarking on an afternoon adventure to another nearby lake.


  1. Very large well kept cabin to sleep up to 8 people.

  2. Nature on our doorstep.

  3. Fantastic scenery and adequate hiking paths.

  4. Quiet! If you want a location with few people around.

  5. Interesting local towns to visit, the main one being Håverud with its impressive aqueduct system.

  6. The manager for the cabins was very polite and efficient.


  1. Really cold bathroom. Our hack to this problem was to leave the bathroom door open and allow the heat from the cabin’s fireplace to work its magic.

  2. No curtains or blinds on the windows. Kind of creepy at night when it’s pitch black outside. Might also be horrid for any light sensitive sleepers during the summer months.

  3. Google maps can’t seem to understand it’s location. Which meant we took a turn too early and ended up navigating a creepy dark trail road in the forest before realising it must be wrong. Not cool with kids, they were very scared.


  1. Found a crispy rotten mouse carcass on the sofa arm, gross!

  2. Night number 2, we were woken by mice in the walls in our bedroom.

  3. Day number 3 we found another dead mouse in the bottom draw of the oven, head detached from body! The smells were bad and we think there must have been a dead mouse down the drain because the kitchen sink area was super stinky.


If you are interested in staying in the same cabin, you can book here.

Please note, this is not a sponsored advert and I have no affiliations with Novasol.

Thanks for reading.

- Natasha

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