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2019 Intentions & Goals - Keep it clear and precise.

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I’ve often read about goal setting and writing a list of intentions. Manifesting what you want from life by writing in your diary ahead of time as if you already achieved them. These all sound wonderfully glamorous and now I feel ready to see if the glamour is more than a magical mirror, reflecting back only what you want to see and not what is really there.

So 2019, here I come with all my intentions for the year, some are personal and some are business related. Based on that bit of information, please be gentle when reading, as this is a personal list of how I want to improve my life, not just my business. That said, I have left out some very personal bits that I don’t wish to be spread on the net. Also note, that I have written the list at the end of my diary, as if I have already achieved them, so I can manifest that I’m living these intentions as an ongoing accomplished dream.

Hiking in Sweden. Location: Mellerud


So here it goes, my intentions for 2019 are:

  1. Personal happiness - Feeling love and happiness within my body.

  2. Ate at least one piece of fruit a day.

  3. Travelled to places I love and explored new parts of the world I have always wanted to see.

  4. Successfully moved from just portrait photography to earning off travel photography too.

  5. Selling portrait photography at a price that confirms my worth.

  6. Read 5 books.

  7. Laughed until I cried.

  8. Drank more water by focusing on my bodies needs.

  9. Sustained regular exercise.

  10. Maintained better contact with friends and family.

  11. At least 30 minutes of reading every day.

  12. Enjoying life - letting myself feel the happiness right to my core.

  13. Kept a regular blog which promotes travel, teaching photography skills, retouching/post production lessons, holiday reviews and advice for travelling with kids.

I can honestly say, so far I am already on track with a number of these goals and it makes me feel absolutely great to know that I’m moving myself in the right direction instead of letting life get in the way, or coasting through hoping things will improve.



Another fancy thing I have read about, is to choose a word that you want to focus on for the year. Something that you feel empowers everything you want and how you can drive your life forward by remembering this word.

Want to know mine?

My word for 2019 is DISCOVER. This word has meaning on many levels. I want to discover the world, discover myself because I let things slip when I became a mother, discover new adventures, discover joy again after losing my mother to cancer, discover connection with not only humans but the earth itself, discover how to heal myself and then give back, discover new business opportunities, discover how creative I can be and last but not least, discover confidence in myself to feel deeply and not be afraid.

Hiking in Sweden to see the New Year in. Location: Mellerud

Image above: Hiking in Sweden to see in the New Year. Location: Mellerud.

Wow, that was pretty heavy! Take a deep breath and let’s move on to the power quote I want to use. Don’t worry I won’t go all deep on you again, I’ll just leave the quote here for you to read and let it sink in.

My quote for 2019 is ‘What you believe, remember you can achieve.’ By Mary Kay Ash

I’m ready to make 2019 a year of healing and growing. What are your intentions?

Happy New Year everyone.

- Natasha

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