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How to make a Grey Canvas Backdrop.

Updated: May 18, 2021

Professionally made canvas backdrops can feel like a huge investment when you are starting your photography business, and they are. We can all argue that buying the ready made product saves you time and is therefore worth it. Let's face it, the one thing we don't have when we are self-employed is spare time. However, we always get high and low periods in photography seasons and when transitioning from one season to another I often find the bookings slow down (at least for outdoor sessions). So I took it upon myself to make time in my schedule, which just happened to be a rainy Sunday afternoon at home with my family, to commit to creating my own canvas backdrop.

Things you need to buy:

Canvas Drop cloth - Amazon is your friend and you can buy various sizes, I went for 12x9ft and cut it in half.

Primer - This will be your first coat before painting. I will be trying my 2nd canvas without primer to see the difference.

Paint - Whatever colour your want but make sure it is matt, you don't want shine. Emulsion or acrylic paint is great. Black chalkboard paint can be tricky to blend with other colours.

Roller - For applying all the above liquids.

Paint Tray - for, well......the paint.

Before you start, make sure to cover your floor with plastic, it gets messy! I also washed my canvas (no fabric softner) in the washing machine, dried, ironed and sewed along the cut side to stop from fraying. Now watch my video to see the process. Enjoy!

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