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Not Enough Hours in the Day!

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I'm sure I am not alone when I say "There are not enough hours in the day, for the amount of work I have to do." As a mother, wife and self employed photographer, I often feel like my days are crashing in around me. My google calendar is infested with reminders, just so I don't lose track of what I should be doing on any given day.

My other nag, is that I work from a home office and that requires me to cover my eyes as I walk around the house. If I dare look, I will get distracted with those pesky house chores. That sticky patch on the kitchen floor that my foot is attracted to, every time I get something from the kitchen. The pieces of clothing left by my sons or husband, in the male filing system (otherwise known as the floor!). I have dreams of owning a beautiful studio. A space of peace, tranquillity and above all cleanliness. It is the dreams and goals that push me the hardest. With so many things on my daily plate, I like to practice the art of 'killing two things with one stone'.

Something I achieved recently, using this technique, was a promo video with my youngest son. We have the most beautiful autumn forests at the moment, so I took him for a walk (my eldest wanted to play at home and I never force my kids to be part of my photography, if they don't want to). During our walk, we played and I filmed him. I wanted to capture close up video footage of his movements, slow them down and create a cute promo video for my business.

After all the footage was collected and my sons muddy clothes in the washing machine, I patiently waited until family time was over at 7pm. Now I could let my creative side free again and work on my video. All footage was ran through Adobe Photoshop editing, where I reduced the speed by 50%. I shot the video in monochrome on high contrast, so that it would reduce my post processing time.

With all the segments rendered, I could now import them to Animoto and start my video creation. I absolutely love Animoto video software, because I am far from a video savy techno brain and I need things to be simple and time efficient.

This was all just hand held simple snippets, put together to tell a story for marketing. Through video marketing, I am finding my voice and able to share meaningful stories, that help capture the essence of why I love to take family portraits.

When your child is born, you can't really imagine how they will look as they develop through life. To be able to capture this growth in images, is so powerful and touches my heart on a regular basis. Watching babies grow into toddlers, take their first steps, eat their first meal, grow into young children who in turn become teenagers. Your baby is now a student leaving school, graduating, leaving behind the younger years as they mature into adulthood. They find a partner and get engaged, celebrate marriage, then become parents. Their faces mature into responsible adults, the family grows and the portrait becomes filed with faces and varying degrees of ages, every one on a separate journey through life, every one a different character. Only portraits can build a family portfolio through time and it is something that no amount of innovative technology, will ever change.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog. Be kind to others and smile often.


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