Reconnect with nature and yourself


Life is a little different these days and that can make us feel uneasy about the future. Our thoughts can dominate our daily life and stress can build easily with the fear of the unknown and the restrictions set in place. There has never been a better time to learn new skills to help not only find balance within yourself and calm your mind but also to refill your energy with the power of the planet.

We meet in the heart of Roskilde just outside the train station, take a stroll down the main shopping street towards Domkirke, Roskilde's famous cathedral, head downhill through the park to the Viking Harbour where the smell of shipbuilding fills the air. Past the marina and onto the Skjoldungesti that takes us deep into the fjord lands and one of Denmarks 6 National Parks, Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land. As we walk we will be mindful of the sounds and energies we are surrounded by and as we transition from the streets to nature you will become aware of the difference in how you feel. We will leave the fjord trail and head into Boserup Forest. The path through the forest to the grounding area will be walked in silence, giving us the space to be alone with our thoughts and senses as we walk beneath the tree canopy and listen to the sounds of birds. 

At the grounding spot we will take the time to rehydrate and have a quick snack while I talk you through some useful yoga stretches to relieve your muscles of tension after hiking. Then comes the good stuff, the grounding and meditation technique. Grounding requires you to remove shoes and socks so please remember to pack a small towel to clean and dry your feet. It is also recommended to wear good warm clothing so you don't become too cold during the grounding.

The second half of the hike is a return journey to Roskilde train station via a little 'off the beaten track' route to rejoin the fjord trail (Skjoldungesti). This track is populated more by wildlife than people, a perfect way to stay in an observatory state  after the grounding, allowing you the time to soak up more nature before the hike is over. 


Total hiking distance: 12km

Cost of the Guided Hike, Grounding, Meditation & Yoga: DKK 199,00 including moms (VAT)

Meeting Time: 11:00

Meeting Location: Roskilde Hestetorvet (Just outside the train station main entrance)

End Time: Approximately 14:00 (Depending on the speed of the group, we could arrive a little later.)

End Location: Roskilde train station, Hestertorvet.


What is not included in the ticket fee?

The cost of transport to/from the meeting/departure points, food, drink, hiking gear, towel.

What will I need to bring? 

Food, water, clothes to suit the weather, sunscreen if it is clear, a rucksack, hiking shoes (no trendy street trainers, they will give you blisters) and a towel to dry your feet.

Will there be toilets along the route?

There are a few places you can use the toilet as we progress along this hiking route but there is also a chance you may need to use a bush.

How difficult is the route?

This is a very flat route with only a couple of places where there are small steep sections. So overall, the hike is easy and we will walk at a pace that everyone can keep up. The idea is to get out in nature and enjoy the journey, not race to the end.

Will we stop for lunch?

This route takes about 2 hours to complete plus the 1 hour we will stop and do the grounding. You can eat and drink whilst I explain the techniques, there shouldn't need more than that. There are plenty of places you can buy food on the return hike as we get closer to Roskilde.

What happens if it rains?

The weather is unpredictable and often in Denmark, it can be wet and windy just when you don't want it to. The hike will not be cancelled due to rain unless it is a crazy thunderstorm, which you will receive money back or reschedule the hike to a new date. Therefore, please wear or bring wet weather clothing to protect yourself from getting cold and wet during the hike. Sometimes the wet days bring the most memories!

What is Grounding?

Grounding is when we remove the layers between us and nature and reconnect our energies. A time for us to remove our shoes and socks, sink our feet in the earth and breathe. By doing this and also using the meditation techniques I will give you, you will find balance in your mind and gain control of your nervous system. It is proven by scientific research that meditation and breathing techniques reduce stress in the body.

are you ready to join me on this adventure?

How to book

You've read the information above and now you're wondering, how do I book a place on this adventure?

1) Simply fill in the form to the left and click send.

2) Once I receive your booking form I will send you a payment request via your chosen form of payment.

3) When payment is received you will find confirmation of your booking in your inbox. 

*I work on a digital basis as much as possible to help save the planet, therefore please present the confirmation email as proof of booking when you attend the adventure.

Term & Conditions

Full refunds are available for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to the meeting time. No shows are non-refundable.

It is your responsibility to pack all the required items for the adventure. I do not supply food, drink or hiking gear.

We will never ask you to do anything dangerous on these adventures so any form of injury is not deemed my fault. I respect that you are an adult and can take care of your own body.

Disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated within the group.

We are adventuring together to have fun in nature and that is the main focus.


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