Pier in the Lake

Northern Sjælland



When you live in a country you don't necessarily explore it to its fullest. Have you ever been to Frederiksværk?

We meet in the heart of Frederiksværk just outside the train station, then head East to Auderød Forest to Sjællands largest lake, Arresø. After our lunch break, we will head back to the same train station taking a slightly different route to the one we just walked.


Total hiking distance: 17km

Cost of the Guided Hike: DKK 125,00 including moms (VAT)

Meeting Time: 10:00 (Please arrive on the train before this time)

Meeting Location: Frederiksværk Train Station

End Time: Approximately 16:00 (Depending on the speed of the group.)

End Location: Frederiksværk Train Station


What is not included in the ticket fee?

The cost of transport to/from the meeting/departure points, food, drink, hiking gear.

What will I need to bring? 

Food, water, clothes to suit the weather, sunscreen if it is clear, a rucksack, hiking shoes (no trendy street trainers, they will give you blisters).

Will there be toilets along the route?

There are a few places you can use the toilet as we progress along this hiking route but there is also a chance you may need to use a bush.

How difficult is the route?

This is a very flat route with only a couple of places where there are small steep sections. So overall, the hike is easy and we will walk at a pace that everyone can keep up. The idea is to get out in nature and enjoy the journey, not race to the end.

Will we stop for lunch?

Yes, we will take a lunch break at Arresø.

What happens if it rains?

The weather is unpredictable and often in Denmark, it can be wet and windy just when you don't want it to. The hike will not be cancelled due to rain unless it is a crazy thunderstorm, which you will receive money back or reschedule the hike to a new date. Therefore, please wear or bring wet weather clothing to protect yourself from getting cold and wet during the hike. Sometimes the wet days bring the most memories!