adventurer & photographer

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Chasing sunsets, hiking through misty mountains, going to bed exhausted with tired feet, full memory cards and a head full of impressions from the day, that is my perfect working life. Nature feeds my soul like nothing else on earth and that is where I play the hardest.

Working with brands, small businesses and a lust for the outdoors, I invite you to view my photographic portfolio of work.

Adventure and photography go well together and through my photography projects, I have inspired people to get out on trails, explore local and new territory and also embrace the idea of wild camping.


My passion for exploring combined with interest from friends and hikers lead me to create some fun adventures that people can join me on, where we can strip back the unnecessary baggage of the modern world to reconnect with ourselves and nature. 

During COVID19

Whilst travel restrictions are still in place to some countries, business is operating almost as normal within Denmark.

Therefore, I am open and operating as per usual and available for new work as well as current agreements or ambassador work.