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adventure, travel & Landscape

Chasing sunsets, hiking through misty mountains, going to bed exhausted with tired feet, full memory cards and a head full of impressions from the day, that is my perfect working life. Nature feeds my soul like nothing else on earth and that is where I play the hardest.

Working with brands, small businesses and a lust for the outdoors, I invite you to view my photographic portfolio of work.


Is there a brand or someone you follow online who post pictures that inspire you or maybe even make you wish you could post similar images?

  We are a society of scrollers and in such a world you need captivating images to draw in your audience. Starting a new business in a fast-paced world is tough but with guidance, you can confidently get on point with your brand, understand your audience and create visuals that compliment your marketing and storytelling.


Lloyd-Vest Education offers simple techniques and easy to follow videos you will feel inspired to create the images you really NEED for your business and turn your social media into a flowing story that draws in clients. You will receive support not only from me but also through a private Facebook group where you are free to ask questions about visual content in a safe area that places no bad judgement.


the art of visual storytelling